POSActive, a complete retail management system

It’s a complete retail management system with everything you need to manage a retail business efficiently.

  • POSActive POS is your point of sale component
  • POSActive BackOffice is your back-office administration, inventory management and pricing system
  • POSActive HeadOffice manages multiple stores with convenient features like automated product transfers and product replication
  • POSActive LapStock manages your real-time stocktakes

Choose a solution from one our suggestions below, or design one of your own

Compact Single Lane POS Solution


Ideal for smaller retail businesses that don’t process hundreds of transactions a day.

Gives you:

Single POS system with all required POS equipment

POS, BackOffice and HeadOffice contained within a single computer

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Standard Double Lane POS Solution


Ideal for most retail stores.

Gives you:

Two POS systems with all required POS equipment

Separate BackOffice computer and dedicated server

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Multi Lane POS Solution


Ideal for large retail stores requiring multiple POS systems, back-office computers and a dedicated server.

Gives you:

Up to 99 POS systems with all required POS equipment

As many back-office computers as required

Dedicated server

All systems offer redundancy (i.e. able to run independently)

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Multi Store POS Solution


Ideal for running multiple stores.

Gives you:

Multi-store system suitable for chains of up to 999 stores

All stores connected via Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Selected data can be replicated in all stores in almost real-time

Each store able to operate as an independent business or partially/totally controlled by head office

Highly configurable to suit company’s specific needs

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Reliable Hardware

Quality hardware for reliable trouble-free service.

Extended Warranties

Extended warranties for piece of mind.

Energy Efficient

Minimise power usage with energy efficient computer hardware.